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Studio Bound

September 4, 2020

THE TIME HAS FINALLY COME. If all goes to plan, in just FIVE DAYS, I will be in the studio officially recording my first album as a solo artist. I’m singing and practicing every day as my anticipation continues to build and I wonder what the professional Nashville recording process will be like. So much of it will be brand new to me.

My father-in-law, Pete Fisher, has long worked in the music industry, fostering many positive relationships along the way. Ever since my Kickstarter campaign finished last summer, I knew I needed to find the right producer to help make my artistic vision a reality. After talking to a couple different people, Pete introduced me to a wonderful human named Ben Fowler and things began to fall into place. It’s a strange time for so many people and Covid has taken a serious toll on the music industry. Although there were periods over the last year when it was a struggle not to feel anxious about the timing of things, it seems to me that the right people and possibilities have all converged in a surprising series of beautifully-timed events.

In a very short order, Ben Fowler has taken the helm with a positive and steady hand. He has spent significant time hearing out my rambling imagination, and getting inside my head so that he can help bring my music to the world in it’s most authentic and ambitious form. September 9th, we are booked to work all day at one of Nashville’s top studios with an incredible team of musicians. We hope to record the foundational tracks of at least nine songs – we’ll see how many we can crank out! After that marathon day, Ben and I plan to cut my vocals and any further instrumentation at his home studio over the following weeks. I suspect it will go by in a flash and I will have to make the conscious effort to stay present in order to soak up the best parts of the journey.

Although we may not make the final song selections until the day of the recording, I am so proud of the original material we are choosing from. My roots in Irish and Celtic music are found in modal melodies, the inspiration of nature, and interwoven fiddle tunes. A thread of dark southern sounds surface in other lyrics that speak of fire and moonlit nights. I am so ready to share the anthem of defiance I needed long ago, the closure I found in the pain of my childhood, and the songs that describe my experience of love. It was ultimately love’s invitation that moved me forward, through risk and vulnerability, into freedom and strength. I hope each of these songs move you too, inspiring you to your own strength, freedom and love.

To my Kickstarter Backers, THANK YOU for being the ones who have made this particular chapter possible. I know it’s been a while since you signed up and I’m hoping you’re still as excited as you were last summer. I don’t think I’ve ever been so full of excitement. There will be much more to do soon, but this is the step that must come first. I’m gonna give it all I’ve got and share what I can along the way!

I’ll post another update here after the big day, September 9th. In the meantime, find me on Facebook and Instagram to see smaller peeks behind the curtain: @JessicaWillisFisher

With love,

Jessica  x