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Brand New Day Celebrates Its First Birthday

April 14, 2023

Yesterday marks the first full year of my debut solo album “Brand New Day” being out in the world. Taking time to travel back in my mind, to release day, April 13th, 2022, I can recall the overwhelming sensation of my whole life leading me to that moment. If you have followed my story at any depth, you probably know that I have not always walked in that knowing. There have been so many periods of struggle, fear, and uncertainty. And many of those chapters eventually manifested into the lyrics and melodies that healed me as they arrived. For me, these ten songs stood (and still stand) as a record of my first 30 years of life and love and learning. Of what I have survived, of what I have made of it all. Reclaiming my literal voice in my real life eventually led to the reclaiming of my artistic voice and freedom that was (and is) Brand New Day.

I have been so happy and grateful for what has unfolded over the last 12 musical months. From the release celebration to later getting the opportunity to sing and play these songs on such stages as The Grand Ole Opry and AmericanaFest at the Station Inn, the support has continued to grow.

A whole new layer of purpose and meaning was added for me when I was able to integrate my songs into the audiobook and release appearances for my book Unspeakable this past November. If you’ve read or listened to Unspeakable, you’ll now be able to connect some of the very real challenges and events to the personal and honest lyrics they inspired. Although I’ve always intended that Brand New Day (BND) can stand on its own, my book and album are also inextricably linked. Together, I believe they have established a new foundation for my life going forward.

Today feels like yet another Brand New Day. In fact, the point of that title names the possibility I believe is found in every day, every moment we are alive. This is no past work I shall plan to leave behind even as I take steps toward new endeavors. The first year of BND has shown me how the themes of these songs come back around with each season, reigniting my hope, gratitude, and strength. I invite you to continue to find new inspiration and meaning in the songs that most speak to you. Thank you for listening, for sharing, and for believing.

Oh, and I’m happy to report, there are most definitely more songs on the way…

Love, Jessica 🙂