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NEW MUSIC VIDEO: Hopelessly, Madly

June 3, 2023

Sean and I have been married six years now and just recently celebrated our wedding anniversary. Looking back at our wedding itself, one of the only things I would have changed would have been making sure we got some video of that special day. I truly love (and try not to take for granted) that beautiful photos are now a regular part of our life with Sean frequently behind the camera. Having shots to help us remember and catalogue our adventures is a great joy. So, we love the pictures we made time to take at our wedding too. But video didn’t really happen.

That’s why it’s been a particular delight to revisit and recapture some of the magic of those past moments in my latest music video. We had the sweet opportunity to return to our venue, CJ’s Off The Square in Franklin, TN, and have another “first look” and “first dance” – which, as a songwriter and artist, feels absolutely perfect because I always have felt that “Hopelessly, Madly” is a true first-dance-type-of-song. It’s really a gift to ourselves, to celebrate this little milestone we’re hitting and what we continue to build together as a couple.

For a number of reasons, some of them quite complex and dark, I wasn’t a girl who imagined her wedding day, the dress, the decorations, or any of that. To be married is to live out what I long thought was impossible. In general, I also think one idyllic, magical day isn’t the main point, but rather in making a relationship that is filled with a unique sort of beauty every day. I’m so glad that our wedding is not the high point of our story and I was downright tickled to still be able to put on my favorite dress in the world, dance with a man I adore, and live out yet another day in the risk and reward of love. I hope when you hear this song, it makes you want to dance. <3

Some credits: My friend Belle Jackson with Avalon Arts recreated my sweet wedding bouquet, ShopMoss was kind enough to send me some lovely earrings to wear, and Robbie and Rachel Hall made our cinematic dreams come true with their video work. Huge thanks to the team at CJ’s Off The Square for letting us have another magical chapter marking our love in their one-of-a-kind space.

Love, Jessica 🙂